Confidence for Filmmakers

Filmzu is the world's safest and most trusted workplace for freelancers to find work and get Paid. on Filmzu you'll find payment protection coverage available on jobs and a work enviroment that guarantees your work is safe, giving you the assurance you need to deliver great work.
Payment Protection

Escrow Protection

Client funds the project using Filmzu Escrow Account
Filmmaker works and sends the client updates on their video
Client approves video and releases payment to Filmmaker
Milestones and Escrow let you verify funds from your client and confirm those funds are in place BEFORE you start working.
Profile and Reputation Management

On Filmzu you can build a profile and reputation that inspires trust and helps you get hired.

Reputation metrics showcase your past performance and ranking on Filmzu. Level Scores and My Stats are proprietary metrics to see how you rank among your peers with the details to help you maximize your opportunities.
Recommend Score to highlight past client satisfaction.
Free Skill Tests and Groups to show your proficiency and help you stand out from the competition.
Free ID Verification to give clients confidence in who you are.
Real-time communication tools to manage all your work and communications on Filmzu, where you are protected.

Support & Resources

We're with you through every step of the way, and we even keep an eye on things when you're not around. This ranges from proactive and ongoing site and user review for policy and performance adherence to live phone, chat and email Customer Support to answer your questions at any time. Filmzu also offers professional, hands-on Dispute Assistance if you need it. Take advantage of all of Filmzu resources:

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